Devon Kenzo            

Height: 5’11”        

Eyes: Brown            

Agent: Melanie Hawthorne-Toogood/ Shannon Richardson    

Weight: 160 lbs    Hair:    Dark Brown                   


The Color Rose - Director: Courtney Paige Writers: Erin HazlehurstCourtney Paige

Charmed - Season 1 Episode 15 “Trevor”

Ghosting - Director:Theresa Bennett Writer: Laura Donney

Teen Journey to Peru - (Documentary) - Self - Telus TV/ Gregory Coyes    

The Trap -  (London    UK) - Actor - Independent/ Paul David-Gough    

GIFTADD (WEB) - Self - GiftAdd/Kevin Lawrence and Crysta Perak      


Nintendo Switch Summer Trailer - Principal - Circle Productions    

BMW  - SOC  - Worldwide/Internet    

Craftsman Collision - Principal - Craftsman in-house Training        


BC Hydro -  Print Add - Youth  - BC    Hydro        


Theatre Workshop with Judy Browne (National Youth Theatre, London UK) Master Class with Carolyn McLeod  London, UK) Film    Director Internship with Chip Duncan (Meltdown – World without Ice, Peru) Casting Director Workshop with Judy Lee (Vancouver    Academy of Dramatic Arts) First Step Actors Workshop (Vancouver) – On going Acting Essentials Intensive (Vancouver Film    School) Totally Lit Actor’s Workshop (Diorama Arts Studios, London UK)        


Fire Spinning, Guitar, Piano, and Drums & Singing, general stunts.  Sports: Martial Arts, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Surfing,    Skiing, Mountain Biking, Ice Hockey, Football and Rugby.                                


Melanie Hawthorne-Toogood      Agent        #206-1529  West 6th  Avenue, Vancouver, BC    V6J  1R1      604-767-1986